Welcome to our Fire Pit Gallery

We hope you find the perfect fire pit here but if not please feel free to contact us with your own inspiration.
When you are ready to have one in your own backyard please visit our shop for prices and more information.

  1. Ilua says:

    Hello. My name is Ilya . I’m from Russia. Really liked your work. Would like to buy for myself personally as well like to supply their customers. Please tell me, is it possible discounts when buying in bulk? As you make the payment? Would it be possible to ask you to send the goods to Hamburg (I have stock)?
    Sincerely, Borisenkov Ilya

    • The Fire Pit Gallery says:

      Hi Ilua,
      Thank you for your interest in The Fire Pit Gallery. We can ship to Hamburg, that is no problem. We can also give wholesale pricing if you become a reseller. If that is what you are interested in then please send us an email at contact at thefirepitgallery.com and tell us more about your company. If not we can possibly give a landscaper/designer discount. Just let us know.

    • The Fire Pit Gallery says:

      Hi Sheryl,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am sorry you are having trouble finding out how to purchase a fire pit. You should be able to make a purchase right here on our website. If you click on shop in the menu on the top left and then fire pits you will see more options lower on the page. If you prefer you can call us (888) 409-0020 or send us an email contact @ thefirepitgallery.com and we can help you make a purchase that way as well.

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