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Red Lake 37" Fire Pit Sphere
Red Lake 37" Fire Pit SphereRed Lake 37" Fire Pit SphereRed Lake 37" Fire Pit Sphere

Red Lake Fire Pit Sphere 37″

Red Lake Fire Pit – 37″ Fish Fire Pit Sphere with Flat Steel Base

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After converting to a gas fire pit, you might find you miss the look of logs. Luckily, we have come up with a solution. Using the drop-down menu below, you can select media items to serve as filler for your fire pit. Our lava rocks or log sets are sure to impress, no matter which fire pit you put them in.
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162 lbs







Product Description

Red Lake Fire Pit Sphere 37″

The Red Lake fire pit is a custom steel sphere. It is Minnesota inspired and features three different fish; a Northern Pike, Walleye Pike, and  with water Perch, and vegetation in a 37″ oval (not quite) sphere. The globe shape is grounded with a flat steel base. Wood burning fire pit made in the USA with American made steel, features a rust patina finish and has a rain drain at the bottom. Unlike most big box store fire pits, Red Lake has ¼” thick steel so you can be assured your unique functional art will last very probably into future generations.

Our custom fire pits are unique functional works of art designed by artist Melissa Crisp. Each fire pit is hand cut and has a numbered metal plate to assure that each fire pit is completely unique.

  • Custom Made
  • 37″ Diameter
  • 37.5″ Tall
  • ¼” Thick American Made Steel
  • 162 lbs.
  • Designed by Artist
  • Numbered Art
  • Rust Patina (Iron Oxide) Finish
  • Rain Drain
  • Wood Burning
  • Can be converted to gas (kit not included)
  • Lifetime Warranty *

* Bowl is guaranteed to not rust through in your lifetime.

36 inch and larger fire pits will ship by common carrier.

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