Wings – Butterfly Fire Pit Sphere

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Wings – Butterflies Encircle this Steel Outdoor Fire Pit Sphere with Flat Steel Base. From The Fire Pit Gallery and Designed by Melissa Crisp.

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    Most of our wood burning fire pits can be converted into gas burning fire pits. Both natural gas and liquid propane kits are available as well as your choice of match-light, push button or electronic starters.

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    After converting to a gas fire pit, you might find you miss the look of logs. Luckily, we have come up with a solution. Using the drop-down menu below, you can select media items to serve as filler for your fire pit. Our lava rocks or log sets are sure to impress, no matter which fire pit you put them in.

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Wings – Butterfly Fire Pit Sphere is available in three sizes; 30″, 37″ and 41″ in diameter. Butterflies encircle this wood or gas burning firepit from The Fire Pit Gallery and designed by artist Melissa Crisp.

  • Custom Made
  • Choice:
    • 30″ Diameter
    • 37″ Diameter
    • 41″ Diameter
  • 33″, 40″ and 44″ Tall
  • ¼” Thick American Made Steel
  • Designed by Artist Melissa Crisp
  • Numbered Art
  • Rust Patina (Iron Oxide) Finish
  • Rain Drain
  • Wood Burning
  • Can be converted to gas (kit not included)
  • Lifetime Warranty *


Wings Butterfly fire pit is unique functional work of art designed by artist Melissa Crisp. Each fire pit is hand drawn and hand cut out of 1/4″ steel. The fire pit will have a numbered metal plate to assure that each piece of functional art is completely unique.

Feel free to contact us with any questions or custom work.

* Bowl is guaranteed to not rust through in your lifetime.

30 inch fire pits will ship by common carrier.

Additional information

195 lbs
36 x 36 x 45 in


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