Fire pits are a great way to enhance your outdoor space. Leave them as they are and you have a unique art piece that brings out your property’s character. Build a fire in them and you can see what makes Fire Pit Gallery’s fire pits phenomenal. To get your fire going, follow these easy tips for the best burn.

Select well-seasoned wood to get a healthy blaze.

Select the Best Firewood

The best wood to burn is wood that has been properly prepared. Seasoned wood is a great option because it burns more efficiently. There’s less wood consumption with seasoned wood and there’s also less particulate matter emission. According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), it could take at least six months for wood to be properly seasoned. You can tell if the wood has been seasoned well when its color is darker, when cracks are visible at the end of the grain and when it emits a hollow sound when smacked by another piece of wood.

If you need firewood immediately, or you’re not interested in seasoning wood yourself, check your area for local retailers who offer firewood. Remember to check for the same signs of well-seasoned woods listed by the EPA.

Avoid Harmful Woods and Materials

It is vital to not burn plywood, treated wood and any wood with glue on it. These examples can release hazardous, toxic chemicals into the air and potentially harm people’s health as well as the environment. Burning garbage, plastic and colored newspapers or magazines will also release harmful chemicals. Wet, diseased or greenwood should also be avoided when looking for material to burn.

Avoid wet woods and wet kindling.

Start Your Blaze

Just as you would avoid burning wet wood, also do not burn wet tinder and kindling. To get your fire started, look for dried materials like dead grass, twigs or leaves. Use these items to get your wood burning and once your firewood has started to burn, add more until your blaze is the size you want.

Remember to always keep an eye on your fire pit when there’s a fire burning. Even when the flames have died down, completely put the fire out before leaving it. To keep a well-maintained fire pit and prepare it for your next burn, remember to empty the ashes from your fire pit.

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