Fire pits make great additions to any outdoor space and instantly increase visual appeal. We don’t recommend placing a Fire Pit Gallery fire pit on a wooden surface, such as a deck or patio. You’ll run the risk of damaging that surface. However, if you do choose to place your fire pit on a wooden surface, take these measures to protect that space.

Do you want to put a fire pit on your wooden deck? Here are some tips to help.

Prep Your Wooden Surface

You may have picked the perfect spot for your fire pit. However, you should also make sure that it’s strong enough to hold up. Steel fire pits can be quite heavy. You’ll want o decrease the risk of it falling through or damaging your wooden surface. Do this by making sure it’s strong enough to hold a weight greater than the combination weight of your fire pit, any additional furniture on your patio and the estimated weight of multiple people.

No matter if you place your fire pit on land or a wooden surface, make sure the space around it is clear. Try not to put potted plants or flammable furnishings near your fire pit. Also avoid setting your fire pit into an area that easily fills with dead leaves in case embers fly from it. If you’re looking for a fire pit that doesn’t produce embers, consider one with a LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) or NG (natural gas) fuel source.

Placing pavers underneath your fire pit protects your wooden deck.

Use Decorative Elements

Although our steel fire pits don’t burn hot enough to create a fire on contact with your wooden surface, you should still protect it. There are metal plates that are designed specifically to be a base for fire bowls and pits that you might want to consider. Many of them, however, are not the most attractive options.

Another option is the use of pavers and decorative stones. These elements can be arranged nicely to create an attractive area for your fire pit. Create a base for your fire pit with the pavers or stones. Securely place your fire pit on top. This way, your fire pit and your wooden surface don’t even come in contact.

Check City Ordinances

Certain cities also have ordinances and regulations when it comes to fire pits and specific instructions on where they can be placed. For example, there may be a certain amount of distance needed between a fire pit and your home. If your wooden surface is connected right to your house, you may not be allowed to have your fire pit there. Be sure to check the regulations to make sure your fire pit is placed in an appropriate location.

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