What kind of lawn ornaments do you have? Statues, flower bed holders, a village of garden gnomes stationed around the perimeter of your yard? No matter how you’re decorating your backyard, it’s probably not the most unique and intriguing lawn ornament for your space. It’s time to change that!

There are lots of really cool and beautiful pieces you could add to your lawn or garden space. Sometimes these things are custom-made for you, but do they all spark the same level of awe?

Birdbaths and Pedestals

Now, birdbaths are not as common as they used to be. However, some can be pretty large and intricately crafted from garden centers and sculptors. Creative gardeners use the stand and shape of birdbaths to support and accentuate new elements to complement their garden themes. Some examples would be a sundial or an orb-holder. Either way, they make for a beautiful lawn ornament, and you get to bird-watch all day.

Animal or Special-Shaped Hedges

Have you seen those tall hedges or leafy plants trimmed and shaped into three-dimensional shapes such as an animal or human body? Sometimes they’re done for shows and theme parks where they’re made into characters and recognizable logos. Well, some people have those intricate designs in their backyard! Now that’s a conversation starter. Tell them all about how you came up with the idea for a crazy lawn ornament.

Fabulous Fountains

When we say fountains, we’re not talking about the 20 ft high fountain you would see in a city park. We’re talking about little accent fountains. These can be in the middle of a pond or part of a stone formation in someone’s garden. These add a nice little water element to your lawn arrangement.

You can purchase these from garden centers, or you can build your own that’s unique to you. The sound of running water is so peaceful and serene. What a beautiful lawn ornament to have.

Fire Pits

The craziest and most interesting to look at lawn ornament is without a doubt, the custom fire pit spheres. With their intricate designs and grand size, a steel fire pit sphere or bowl is sure to take the cake for unique and functional lawn ornaments.

Our custom fire pits are created to your specifications. They are guaranteed to transform your outdoor space in a manner that no one else will have. So come up with your own design and put your order through.

No matter what kind of spicing up you’re looking to do for your landscape, installing a fire pit will set your garden apart and be awe-inspiring for a long time. So browse our gallery and start planning your new garden space!

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