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24"/32" PENTA NG Electronic Ignition System-Pan
24"/32" PENTA NG Electronic Ignition System-Pan

24″/32″ PENTA NG Electronic Ignition System-Pan

24″ PENTA NG Electronic Ignition Flame Sensing System – Remote and 32″ Burner Pan


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Product Description

Electronic Ignition System with Burner Pan

Flame control system uses revolutionary remote electronic ignition module with hot wire ignition and thermocouple sensing for reliable outdoor ignition and minimal wind dropout. Safely turns off gas if no flame presence, and will automatically restart. The flame control system is housed in a stainless steel (#304) water resistant control box and is built for Natural Gas or LP, 120v or 24vac, with a 3ft pilot assembly. Pilot assembly is required to be fastened to pan or main burner for safe ignition.


  • Turns off gas when no flame is present and automatically restarts
  • Thermocouple sensing for reliable outdoor ignition and minimal wind dropout
  • Hot Wire Ignition flame control system mounted in stainless steel valve box with 3-foot pilot assembly
  • Kit Includes:
    • 32″ Burner Pan – ⅛” Steel in 2 pieces – Custom made by The Fire Pit Gallery24″ NG Penta* burner (HPC) Stainless (#304 SS)
    • MVK-HW150-3- NG – HPC 150,000 BTU Flame Control System with Electronic Ignition and 3 Foot Pilot
    • 578C Outdoor On / Off Remote
    • MSFB – Straight Key Valve Kit – ½” Decorative Key Valve – Flat Black
    • Installation & Operation Instructions Download now

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* The Penta burner not only looks different, it burns different with lava rock and especially with glass media. It is designed to deliver a very uniform and full flame form edge-to-edge – a dramatically different look than the conventional high-center flame given by standard fire rings. This is accomplished by utilizing holes drilled at the 3, 9, and 12 o’clock positions of the stainless steel tubing for a broader flame. If you enjoy your flame on low, this will not exhibit the ring pattern seen with some concentric fire rings. The burner uses HPC’s raised hub design to shed water and is low profile requiring less media.

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