Red Lake Fire Pit Sphere


Red Lake Fire Pit – 37″ Fish Fire Pit Sphere with Flat Steel Base

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Red Lake Fire Pit Sphere

The Red Lake fire pit is a custom steel sphere. It is Minnesota inspired and features three different fish; a Northern Pike, Walleye Pike, and  with water Perch, and vegetation in a sphere. The globe shape is grounded with a flat steel base. Wood burning fire pit made in the USA with American made steel, features a rust patina finish and has a rain drain at the bottom. Unlike most big box store fire pits, Red Lake has ¼” thick steel so you can be assured your unique functional art will last very probably into future generations. The Red Lake is available in 2 sizes: 37″ and 41″ diameter.

Our custom fire pits are unique functional works of art designed by artist Melissa Crisp. Each fire pit is hand cut and has a numbered metal plate to assure that each fire pit is completely unique.

  • Custom Made
  • 1/4″ Thick American Made Steel
  • 37″ Diameter Option
    • 40″ Tall
    • 165 lbs.
  • 41″ Diameter Option
    • 44″ Tall
    • 225 lbs. (Approximately)
  • Designed by Artist
  • Numbered Art
  • Rust Patina (Iron Oxide) Finish
  • Rain Drain
  • Wood Burning
  • Can be converted to gas (kit not included)
  • Lifetime Warranty *

* Bowl is guaranteed to not rust through in your lifetime.

30 inch and larger fire pits will ship by common carrier.

** Minimum lead time: 8-10 business weeks

Additional information

Weight 202 lbs
Dimensions 36 × 36 × 43 in