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At the Fire Pit Gallery, we believe that the moments enjoyed around an artistic fire pit sphere are truly amazing. Especially if these moments include accessories to use with your fire pit. Here are this year’s must-have fire pit accessories.

Roasting Sticks

There are plenty of ways to enjoy your artistic fire pit sphere, and one of the best ways is to break out the marshmallows or hotdogs and roast them with friends and family. As we previously mentioned, you can’t cook with one of our unique fire pit spheres, but you sure can roast food over them.

Our partnership with the Fireside Roasting Company allows us to offer a series of handmade roasting sticks called Artistan Rose. Currently, there are four beautifully crafted roasting sticks in this series, but more will be revealed soon.

These handmade roasting sticks feature campfire embellishments and stainless steel forks. They are the perfect accessory for any fire pit! Here’s a look at each roasting stick in detail.

The Firefly Roasting Stick

Firefly Roasting Stick

The Firefly roasting stick is made of safe coated metal. With 10 adjustable roasting prongs, you can roast marshmallows for everyone, or just for yourself, to devour. When you’re not using the Firefly, you can even display it in your home. The Firefly roasting stick features a Redwood handle that includes a leather hanger, perfect for hanging it up to show.

The Backpacker Roasting Stick

Backpacker Roasting Stick

If you love roasting hotdogs and bratwursts over your fire pit sphere, the Backpacker, Under the Stars and Sunsetter roasting sticks are perfect choices. The Backpacker is 34 inches long and features a 7-inch stainless steel fork. Its 5/8-inch roasting rod is heat-protected and stained. The Backpacker roasting stick also has a 12-inch oak handle that is removable for easy storage.  For those of you who love camping and backpacking, this is an ideal accessory.

The Sunsetter Roasting Stick

Sunsetter Roasting Stick

Another 34-inch roasting stick available is the Sunsetter. This roasting stick also features a 4-inch stainless steel roasting fork. It has an 8-inch wood handle for comfortable grip and also has a leather hanger attached.

The Under the Stars Roasting Stick

Under the Stars Roasting Stick

If you’re a traveller and need a shorter roasting stick, Under the Stars is perfect at 28 inches in length. It has a 4-inch stainless steel fork as well as a pine cone stainless steel handle. With its size, the Under the Stars Roasting stick is ideal for campers and hikers who love to cook over an open flame.

Whether you’re roasting food over the unique fire pit in your own home, a friend’s home or a campfire, a roasting stick is the perfect accessory to bring along. You never have to miss out on an opportunity for s’mores again!

Gas Kits

We previously mentioned the three different ways to ignite a gas fire pit: match light ignition, push-button spark ignition and electronic ignition. The electronic gas fire pit kit, in particular, has many features that enhance a unique fire pit.

An electronic ignition uses hot wire ignition to operate, which means there’s no spark needed. With hot wire ignition, an electronic gas fire pit can be turned on with a remote (which is included), or, if you prefer, a wall switch or timer can also be used. One of the best features of an electronic gas fire pit is the flame safety technology. Should the fire pit’s flame go out, the burner will automatically relight the fire. If you’re in a situation where the flame is continually blowing out, for example if there’s too much wind, the burner will turn off the gas.


All of our fire pits spheres and bowls can be converted with a gas kit. If you already have a fire pit sphere, take a look at the gas kits we have available. If you are interested in a new gas fire pit sphere or bowl, simply select the fuel type and ignition type you would like when ordering.

Visit our accessories page and let us know which accessories you would love to use the next time you’re sitting around a unique fire pit sphere in the comment section below or on our social media channels.

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