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The winter weather brings in snow days. That means time off from school and depending on how much snow you get, a great excuse to miss work and enjoy yourself. To make the most out of your snow days, here are some fun activities to do. So strap on your snow boots, put your hats and mittens on and get ready.

Do You Want to Build Snowmen?

Making snowmen isn’t just for the kids, it’s a fun activity even when you’re an adult. You can try making one huge snowman, or if you’re feeling up to it, you can make a family of snowmen.

This is a classic and fun activity that’ll make the day go by fast. Did you know that you can buy snowmen kits that come with a hat, scarf, fake carrot, and arms for the snowman? It’s pretty cool and makes it a lot easier to dress up your snowman without having to use your own stuff for it.

Snow Angels

Simple, easy, and fun. Snow angels are just as popular as making snowmen and are a quick and easy snowtime activity to enjoy. Embrace the cold as you lay down and make your snow angels all over the yard.

See who can make the best snow angel out of your household. If you have a dog that likes the snow, let them roll around in the snow to make their own version of a snow angel. I’m sure they will be very proud of themselves for all the praise you give them.

Snowball Fights

Another classic coming into this article are snowball fights. Just make sure the snow you roll up doesn’t have any rocks or other hard materials in it. We want a nice and friendly snowball fight. 

What’s your strategy for winning snowball fights? Do you build a barrier out of the snow to protect yourself? Do you have a shed or a thick tree to hide behind? Regardless of what you may use, just remember to have fun, and don’t aim for the face!

Snowball Makers

These are pretty cool and deserve more attention. Snowball shapers are like plastic tongs that come in different shapes. You put some snow in it and press the shaped tongs together. It will take the form of the shape. 

The most popular ones that have been making rounds on Pinterest and social media are the heart-shaped ones. Another popular shape is a duck one. These are a great way for making cool shapes out of the snow without having to rely on artistic precision to get it done.

Relaxing by the Fire Pit

Once the snow has stopped coming down, gather everyone by the fire pit and warm up. After all, you did have a hard day of having fun. There’s nothing quite like sitting by the fire after being outside in the cold. It’s so nice to feel the heat of the firepit warm your cheeks and hands up. What’s your favorite outdoor winter activity? Tell us @thefirepitgallery on social media.