>> Fire Pits Ships End Of September 2024 <<

If you’re looking to get yourself a one-of-a-kind custom-designed fire pit, then let this be your sign to buy one now! If you order yours today, you’ll have it just in time for the spring. Can you think of a better way to celebrate the springtime than by gathering around your new fire pit with the people you love? I know I can’t. There are many reasons to get your fire pit from us, so let’s take a look at them.

Lifetime Guarantee

A metal globe sitting on top of a sandy beach.

Each and every one of our fire pits are made with certified hand-cut steel. Due to its authenticity, we have a lifetime warranty on every fire pit you buy from us. We are so sure that our fire pits will last you a very long time, as they’ll never rust. Spring is the perfect season for gathering around the fire pit and having a wonderful time with friends or family.

That means that no matter what the weather is like for you, you can use your fire pit all year round. How many other fire pit companies can guarantee that? Nobody that we can think of! We’re all about high-quality products here at the Fire Pit Gallery.

Handmade to Your Desire

A metal sculpture of leaves on the ground.

Our amazingly talented artist, Melissa Crisp, hand designs each fire pit request that comes in. Her talent is like no else, so if you can envision it on a fire pit, she can bring it to life for you. Do you want your beloved dog to be featured on a fire pit? We can do that! Do you want cherry blossoms on your fire pit to celebrate spring? We can do that too. 

Just tell us your ideas and you’ll receive a fire pit that is just as unique and creative as you. Even if you don’t want to customize one yourself, we got you covered. You can pick from a variety of different designs, and we just added more. Go check them out here

Bowl or Sphere

A fire pit on the beach with a burning flame.

Whether you want a fire pit that’s big and fancy, or if you want a more simple one, we have options for you. You can choose between a fire pit sphere or a fire pit bowl. No matter which looks you go for, your fire pit is sure to be a fan favorite whenever you have guests over in spring.

Both options have their own unique charms and personality with them, and you are sure to find a style that speaks to you. The ability to choose exactly what you want is one of the main reasons to choose us as your go-to for fire pits. We’ll take care of you and help your fire pit come to life.

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