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How to Put Out a Wood-Burning Fire Pit

It’s crucial to know how to put out a fire. Check out this article so you know how to safely put out a wood-burning fire pit, and keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

How to Light Up a Gas Fire Pit

Before you order your very own unique gas fire pit, be sure to read this article so you know how to properly light it.

Set Up Your Outdoor Space

Fire Pit Hero Outdoor Space

It’s time to add a one-of-a-kind fire pit to your outdoor space. You can personalize it so it’s unique to you, or you can pick from our other designs. The options are endless!

A Unique Fire Pit for Every Home


Get a fire pit as unique as you. Your options are endless, so as long as you have an idea, or like on of ours, then we can create you a fire pit that will last a lifetime!